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"The commission decided not to do this, because if they would talk about the whole system, then they should condemn it and not use it in the future.

But apparently they felt it was a very powerful mechanism in their hands." "In hotels there were deluxe rooms, suites where they had cameras and when important people went there the hotel administration would put them in these rooms and they were recorded there.

A little boy who died in a house fire along with his father and two sisters is having his dream of becoming a firefighter realized after the Bartow County Fire Department posthumously appointed him to their staff.

It has been revealed that a newly-married couple and four snowboarders were among those that died.

"Sex and having a sex life are nothing to be ashamed of," President Giorgi Margvelashvili said in a statement.And until more arrests are made, or details emerge about those who record and leak sex tapes in Georgia, the link between the security services and the current blackmailing of Georgian politicians and journalists will remain a mystery.The first parliamentary elections in four years are expected this October, and the release of more scandalous videos is anticipated.As a civil society leader, Gigauri was invited to join a special commission established to oversee the destruction of around 100 hours of the most intimate material while retaining part of the archive as evidence."One expectation that the public had was for this commission to talk about the scope of the surveillance, the method the previous government used, the people standing behind it, and the targets," she said.

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We call on you to leave your current positions, otherwise everyone will know about your sexual immoralities, orientations and drug-addictions." Serving ministers, a party leader, and a well known journalist were named and warned: "You have until March 31 to leave politics or we will upload new films in order to clear you out of the political arena." Most media outlets in Georgia chose not to name those featured in the videos, but the implicated journalist, a political talkshow host, tried to level with the blackmailers live on daytime TV: "I am Inga Grigolia - woman, daughter, mother and friend.