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Dating frankoma marks glaze colors

In innaugural years, mugs bear the name of the President and Vice President.

All mugs show the date and have the GOP or DEM on them.

Some of the Brush animals, such as the series of garden dishes, are airbrushed in multiple colors.

Several of the Brush animal planters appear in a flesh-colored glaze as shown (as well as you can show color on a computer monitor, anyway) in Figure 5.

Some of the later Brush pieces are shown in Figure 1.

Some excellent references are The Collectors Guide to Brush-Mc Coy, Vol I and Vol II, by Martha and Steve Sanford, and The Collecter's Encyclopedia of Brush-Mc Coy Pottery, by Sharon and Bob Huxford.

Shawnee, although heavier than most of the Japanese pottery, is typically somewhat lighter than Brush pottery.

Stoneware, on the heaviest end of the scale, is heavier than most of the later Brush-Mc Coy planters and vases, although Brush did make stoneware early on.

If you are already familiar with Mc Coy pottery, then the feel of Brush pottery will be very similar.

This website was designed to help quell my obsession for antique pottery.

I'm most interested in old American Art pottery so, that's what the site is mostly about.

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