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There is tremendous pressure on policy-makers and NGOs intervene in ways that work to protect education.Without data we are stumbling in the dark – not knowing exactly where to act or able to know whether what we are doing is having the intended effect.Incidents in Peshawar, Garissa and Chibok have all happened since 2012, to name but a few of the higher profile places where education and conflict have come into contact with devastating consequences.We’re all witness to the transformation that has taken place around the world the past few years via television and other media bringing events far away to our immediate attention.EAA will continue to devote energy to this timely and important matter, working towards answers that advance the cause of quality education for everyone, with no one left behind.

Otherwise, all of our progress in securing education opportunities could be for nothing if conflict interferes.The most recent maps compiled by the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) go back to the 2009-2012 period.Since then, the world has experienced an unprecedented (in modern times) spread of conflict that is driving people from their homes, their countries, their livelihoods and schools.One critical, and often overlooked, element is the availability of data on education under attack.We must improve our data on education in conflict as attacks are happening, not long after the shells have dropped or the children abducted.

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