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Save your sanity and your dignity and do not watch this obscene waste of footage : you'll get a bigger and better dose of entertainment by hitting yourself with a ten pound hammer and sleeping it off.

Then at least you won't have to deal with the memory of having watched a bunch of sociopathic tramps having what to them is a "good" time.

OR Will James and Holly forget the past and move on?

And will Gaz and Scotty take their competitive 'buckin' ways too far?

This show should be banned from TV, it really is disgusting and degrading to the human race, these guys are the human waste, failed people, who believe they have "Swag" and believe "Yolo" (You only live once) means do crazy stuff, as you will die at some point anyway, you only live once so just go f______ nuts, That is what these dirt bags mean, if you like this show, i suggest you look at yourself in a mirror and think.....

Am i really a piece of human waste if i copy these dirt bags? This show should be avoided and kids and teenager should Never watch this "reality" show.

The Shore has also lost recent newcomer Dan Thomas who joined the cast in series four.

Everything is scripted and it feels more fake than jersey shore some of the girl's i would put in a zoo and one of them look's like a man.I was 13 when I started to watch and since their I didn't stop. It's just to much alcohool and sex and fights but it's good to watc If you can't handle bad language, sexual scenes and a load of drunkness, this isn't for you... : D This show bases around young people but really, it's like a drinking show.But hey, I personally think it's one of the best shows going round at the moment, never fails to make you smile nor get you pissing yourself laughing. If I got involved in this show, I would absolutely feel uncomfortable with these young people around me.However the show includes cast members from various parts of North East England.i love your profile contact me back with my email ([email protected]) thanks ____*-:¦:-*_____0♥0♥____♥0♥0 __*-:¦:-*____0♥0000♥___♥000♥0 _*-:¦:-*____0♥0000000♥000000♥0 _*-:¦:-*____0♥00000000000000♥0 __*-:¦:-*____0♥000000000000♥0 ____*-:¦:-*____0♥00000000♥0 ______*-:¦:-*_____0♥000♥0 _________*-:¦:-*____0♥0_____ This is just my favorite show!!!!

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don't listen to anyone who say's it's good it's really not you could be watching so many good films or season's of other things i really wish i could get back the time i spent watching 2 episodes biggest waste of my life so far "This Programme contains strong language, sexual scenes and references from the outset and throughout." Geordie Shore is back and this time the cast have packed their bags and have headed down under.

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