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"If they did not scrub the dialect of those releases, identifying speech patterns and dialect patterns could help law enforcement narrow down the dialect," he told WIRED."And they might be able to match semantic patterns with other writing patterns found online." He notes in particular that among the documents the hackers released were a couple of 'zines, including one written in Polish, for which the hackers also supplied a rough translation that was likely run through Google translate."The more information you put out, the more patterns can be detected," Cabetas says.The hackers released the data, after ALM failed to meet their demands, exactly 30 days later on August 18.Other than the initial statement from CEO Biderman that investigators were on to the perpetrator, there have been no other clues about who might be behind the hack.After hackers who call themselves the Impact Team released their first big data dump from Ashley Madison and its parent company on Tuesday, journalists and others have been poring over it, exposing reality TV star Josh Duggar as a confirmed customer, as well as several unidentified government workers who accessed their Ashley Madison accounts from government IP addresses.But the latest dump, released Thursday and today, could prove to be more embarrassing and harmful to Ashley Madison's business than its customers.

Maybe corrupt politicians [too]."But before we get ahead of the headlines, let's examine some of the most important lingering questions about Ashley Madison and the hack.

It's also interesting to note that the compressed files released Tuesday had already been prepared for distribution a month ago, when the Impact Team made their initial threat to release data if ALM didn't take down Ashley and another site it owns, Exceptional

The Read Me file that accompanied the data dump this week, for example, has a July 19 timestamp."It looks to me that they got everything together on July 19 but didn't release it until a month later, if we are to believe the timestamps," says Erik Cabetas of Include Security, who wrote an analysis about the metadata in the files.

And they published the data via a Tor server, which gives them anonymity as long as they didn't make mistakes.

"If the attacker took proper OPSEC precautions while setting up the server, law enforcement and AM may never find them," Cabetas observed in his blog post."If [the hackers are] going to get popped by law enforcement, it's going to be analysis of their multiple manifestos," Cabetas suspects.

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It appears to contain an email spool for Avid Life Media CEO Noel Bidman.

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