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The objective of this book is to provide a comparative analysis of the mechanisms by which stress regulates reproduction exploring the evolution of stress perceiving systems from the simplest organisms to humans.

Taking an integrated approach, utilising a genes-to-environment overview, the book examines the stressors that occur at all levels of organisation.

Great for the kindergardener coming home with more questions than you are ready for.4.

by Robie Harris and Michael Emberley Appropriate audience: 6-10 Approach: Quality reading time for one-on-one discussion.

This is a great book for answering enough questions to put off a bigger “talk.” Some readers may be a little taken aback by the level of information provided to young kids, but I encourage its use anyway.

It answers all the right questions, and provides a “cute” picture book for learning anatomy.

It covers both sexes very well, in an accessible format that lets parents slowly tread forward.

Most of this content will be covered around fifth grade, so if you are looking to get ahead of the public school education, this is a great resource.6. With two pre-teens in the house, we need a no-nonsense book available to keep questions answered (preferably by the book).

The newest edition now includes a chapter on the safe use of the Internet.

Make sure to take note of questions you have while reading this book; likely, your teen will have similar questions.

This book will be an ongoing tool for your teen, proving to be a source of relevant information for many years.

In the end, knowledge is both power and a journey, and this book is the welcome mat on your way out the door. Approach: Quality reading time, and answering questions.

This is a great resource for answering young children’s questions.

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From abstinence to proactive protection, more parents than ever are making a point to answer their kids’ questions at home.