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Radio sport nz online dating

Simon Doull spent several years as a co-host, left and returned in 2015, when Bainbridge joined. Bryce has attempted to break two world records during his tenure on the show, his most notable attempt being to break the record for the longest time ten-pin bowling continuously. Roger, or Rog as he's known, joined the Morning Rumble in 1994.Prior to that he had worked the afternoon shift at The Rock.If you blew your budget over Christmas and need a...On the go and no time to finish that story right now?Rog serves as a 'leader' of sorts for the Morning Rumble crew, and his ongoing banter and power struggles with Bryce provide a lot of the show's entertainment.Jen provides the female perspective on the show and reads the news, while John reads the sports news. On Fridays a section of the show was called 'Do Stuff To Jono Fridays'.

Jono was made the victim of stunts such as 'The Human Slushy', 'The Pyramid of Fire', 'Human Coleslaw', 'Sleigh of Fire', 'The Skater Ramp of Doom', a full body wax, and giving Jono a tattoo on his bottom but not telling him that it was a love heart with the other DJs names.Christchurch C93FM listeners were gutted that their local Classic Rock station had a format change and had to give way to a Network station, the phones rung for weeks with upset listeners not liking the format change to Adult Contemporary.Today The Rock broadcasts in almost every market in New Zealand.The station is targeted exclusively towards males aged 25-44, but has a significant female fan base.It plays music from all rock eras and commits showcases up-and-coming New Zealand bands. The Rock have weekly features and countdowns that distinguish it from other radio stations, including The Rock 1000, in which the biggest 1000 rock songs in history are voted on and counted down annually.

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