Zns radio bahamas online dating

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Zns radio bahamas online dating

The PLP returned to power in 2002, and the two parties have alernated in government ever since. Top of his agenda now is tackling the high unemployment rate, concerns about rising crime figures, and controversy over oil exploration.

Critics fear that oil development could harm the ecology and tourism sector.

This trend has compounded the islands' dependence on tourism and banking.Sales of big-dish satellite receivers soared, and anyone with a passing interest in electronics could set up shop and make a fortune supplying local demand.The signal quality was exceptional, letting us entertainment-starved islanders tap into the wealth of new programming emerging from American media companies.It was a large dish-shaped antenna used to pick up cable TV programmes distributed by content providers (like HBO) to their subscribers.In the early 1980s Bahamians went crazy over this space-age technology .

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He defeated Hubert Ingraham's Free National Movement, which had won parliamentary elections in 2007.

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  1. A more recent theory holds that rather than being populated by expansion from the mainland, the Ice Age populations of the Malay peninsula, neighbouring Indonesian archipelago, and the then-exposed continental shelf (Sundaland) instead developed locally from the first human settlers and expanded to the mainland.